RAF Halton near Aylesbury Bucks, operates a Flying Club where Servicemen and women, regardless of rank or trade, and affiliated civilians, have the opportunity of learning to fly at the lowest practical cost. Halton is 25 minutes from the M25. Nearest rail station is Wendover on the Chiltern line…45 minutes from Marylebone.

The Club is well-equipped and operates 7 days a week with full-time instructors and a training fleet of 3 Cessna 152s, a PA-28 for PPL training and a brand new Tecnam Sierra for cost-effective flying. All aircraft are maintained to the highest standards by ATS Engineering at High Wycombe.

Membership of the club is open to all Regular, Reserve and Auxiliary Members of the Armed Forces of the Crown, Commonwealth and Allied Forces as well as members of the University Air Squadrons, the Air Training Corps and the Air Section of the Combined Cadet Force. Civilians employed by the Ministry of Defence, partners or dependants of Service personnel are eligible.

Other civilians who make positive contributions to the flying club are also considered for membership on a temporary basis.


The authorising pilot/ instructor is Lucas. If you are unable to contact Lucas for authorisation please also try Steve,  Adnan or Buster on their mobiles. Mike can also give authorisation in person or via HAC’s Landline number.

Please remember to have your SEP expiry date, current weather, intended flight routing, passenger details and 42 day currency details on hand before calling for authorisation. 



Flyout to RAF Wattisham Museum

The only opportunity to get Wattisham into your logbook!  Wattisham was an RAF flying station from pre-WW2 until 1993 when the Army Air Corps took it over.  The Museum captures its rich history and has recently been extended to include a restored Hunter and Phantom aircraft.  All Club aircraft are booked, but I am unsure if all seats are filled.  I NEED ALL NAMES FOR THE ARMY STATION STAFF NLT 1 SEP – ANY NAMES NOT SUPPLIED BY THEN CANNOT ATTEND – REPLY ASAP TO THE CHAIRMAN .  IF YOU HAVE A SEAT TO OFFER, PLEASE ALSO ADVISE.

LAA RALLY – SYWELL 4/5/6 th Sept

One of the best events in the UK at one of the nicest UK airfields. Over 1000 aircraft expected over the 3 days, with lots of trade stands, seminars and other stuff.  You do not need to be an LAA member to attend.  Book an aircraft.  Book a slot here http://www.sywellaerodrome.co.uk/bookings.php Check out the AIP here   http://www.sywellaerodrome.co.uk/documents/rally2015info.pdf and Fly there!


Get Flying

The HAC Fleet is all serviceable, the Airfield is in great condition and the summer months are coming to an end. Get booking, get flying!