Flying FAQs

I’m a Regular Service, Full Time Reserve Service, Cadet Organisation, Reserve Commitment, MOD Civil Servant, Regular Veteran, Service Dependant or MOD Contractor, can I join?

Yes, although the HAC will prioritise to Regular/FTRS to ensure its numbers remain in accordance with the current rules. Membership charges may also differ. In practice, these categories of people are able to join immediately.

I’m on the ELCAS scheme. Can these credits be used towards flying training at Halton?

Yes! There are a variety of courses ranging from basic licence training to advanced training such as instrument and Tailwheel conversion courses. The HAC has been a registered training provider since the scheme began.

I’m a civilian, can I join?

Yes! The HAC offers flying training to PPL level at an extremely low rate, and with standards and ethos expected of operating from this Service airfield. We must ensure that we are within current membership ratios of service to civilian, but we actively encourage civilian membership at the HAC.

Is there a waiting list?

At certain times of the year, there may be a waiting list, but generally, it is minimal, if at all. Phone us on 01296 622 697 to find out.

Most other flying training schools or clubs just expect me to arrive for my flight and nothing else. Can I do that at the HAC?

No! The Halton Aero Club expects its members to take ownership of our aircraft, infrastructure and events. If you just want to ‘fly and go’ this place is not for you!

Do I have to be a member of HAC to learn to fly?

Yes. Whether Service or Civilian you must join the HAC to start training.

If I just want a trial lesson to decide if it’s for me, do I have to join?

No. Trial lessons can be bought by the recipient or as presents without commitment to join. Call us on <a href=”tel:01296622697″>01296 622 697</a>.

Do I need any qualifications?

No. Just a strong desire to learn and a proactive approach to the training. We have trained pilots from all backgrounds from serving military aircrew to those in their 70’s who have never flown before.

How long does it take to get a PPL?

The course is a minimum of 45 hours flying (plus ground school and exams). The weather had a big part to play in this! But, if you ensure that you have plenty of continuity during the good weather, it could be done inside of a year, but in practice is generally longer.

How do you book an instructor?

This simple online service will be explained during your induction training.

How do you book an aircraft?

This simple online service will be explained during your induction.

Does the aircraft hire include fuel?

Yes. The hire rate includes everything apart from instruction. However, to fly at the low rate in such immaculate aircraft and to this high standard, you will be expected to clean the aircraft at the end of each sortie.

Does the club organise social functions?

Loads! On the first Tuesday of each month, the HAC has a visiting speaker. We also run an annual Expedition to a challenging overseas destination and numerous UK flyouts, flying competitions, numerous social events and an annual dinner.




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