Feather dusters at the ready for the 2019 annual club spring clean!

With the start of the flying season comes the annual club spring clean. I want to start by thanking the 44 volunteers that gave up their Sunday to give the place some much needed TLC.

This is an important part of the calendar at Halton; not only does it ensure club members have a nice environment from which to fly from, but it also ensures the aircraft are at their most efficient. If we didn’t complete the work ourselves then we would have to bring in a specialist team – which would, of course, have an impact on the cost of flying and membership fees.

Annual clearing up is a preparation not an alternative to regular husbandry – ‘Don’t walk by’ and mess or dirt as it takes a moment to deal with it! HAC employees are there to maintain output not cleanliness which is everyone’s responsibility. If aircraft are left in a state where the next pilot needs to clean it before they fly there shall be consequences for the previous pilot – ‘Don’t just fly and drive’!

There’s a set of reference cards by the light switch behind the counter to show how the crew room can be set up for different activity; committee meetings, dinner parties, cinema or briefings. It’s important to vacuum the carpets, reset the club room, clean the surfaces in the kitchen – as we do not employ a cleaner.

Personal kit and impromptu social gatherings in the Ops Room clutter and distract pilots from their important preflight activity, ‘Keep kit and conversations in flight planning’.

Collective security means we know who we are and that we’re not vulnerable – if you’re last out, close the curtains and shut all the doors. If you see anyone without an ID politely ask to see it and show them yours.

Ops manager

Jon Kumela

Enjoy the short video and lookout for Carl’s tash!




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