Anthony Pooley on his first lesson at British Aerobatic Academy at Conington Airfield.
Looking for some post PPL inspiration? Heres a few words on gaining your aero rating from club member Anthony Pooley.
My name is Anthony Pooley and I joined HAC nearly 5 years ago when I began my PPL training. Since then I have been on two club expeditions taking me to France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Italy. I have 81 PIC & 150 TT under my belt with my sights on obtaining a CPL.

What made you want to do aeros?

A lot of reasons really! I wanted to push myself to the next level and try a different type of flying. Plus I figured getting an Aerobatic Rating would look good on my flying CV when I eventually start applying for airline jobs. However, the main reason I wanted to do it was because I hate rollercoasters and I even feel uncomfortable practising stalls with instructors. I saw it as a personal challenge which would expand my comfort zone as a pilot and as a person.

Who are British Aerobatic Academy and why did you choose them?

BAA has a fantastic reputation underpinned by impressive results at national Aerobatic competitions. It is run by a gentleman called Adrian Willis who was a pilot in the RAF and a certified legend in the Aerobatic community. Right from the beginning, Adrian was friendly and attentive to my concerns, I knew he would get the best out of me.

How was the training (talk us through the training, any positive stories/stories of you being scared)

The night before I couldn’t sleep, I was that nervous. Even driving up to Conington on the day I was thinking I was crazy! After having a brief on the ground we got airborne in an Extra 200 and we started working through the syllabus to ease me in. After 27 minutes my stomach had enough and I had to get on the ground – first lesson finished. As I continued through the course, gradually, my endurance and mental capacity increased. It’s truly amazing how your body can adapt! Before you know it I was following the ‘sports sequence’ and enjoying it, even the stalls and spins! After 5 hours of Aerobatics in my logbook I completed the course, i can honestly say it was one of my proudest achievements to date!

Would you recommend aeros?

Absolutely! It’s a great sport with different levels of competition, plus, it’s a sport in which men and women can compete against each other. More importantly, it has made me a more confident, capable and safer pilot.

What next?

I’ve caught the bug so I’d like to keep training and do at least one competition a year!

Checkout Anthonys first lesson – top marks for keeping his food down!




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