Membership of the club is open to all Regular, Reserve and Auxiliary Members of the Armed Forces of the Crown, Commonwealth and Allied Forces as well as members of the University Air Squadrons, the Air Training Corps and the Air Section of the Combined Cadet Force. Civilians employed by the Ministry of Defence, partners or dependants of Service personnel are eligible.

Other civilians who make positive contributions to the flying club are also considered for membership on a temporary basis.

Please print it out, complete and return to the Club not later than 31st March. I will process your application and put your new membership card in an individually addressed envelope in the mail rack in the Flight Planning Room unless you have sent us an SAE for us to send to you by post. If you are unable to print out the form sent by email and are unable to download it from the website, printed blank forms will be pinned up on the notice board in the Ops Room. Your membership card is not valid without a photo and possession of a membership card is required to access the airfield. Either send a new one or cut out the one from your old card and include it with your membership renewal application.

As in previous years, the Station Security and Access Pass renewal paperwork are not being distributed by the Club. The Station Pass Office will send you the necessary paperwork to renew your Station Pass; complete and take to Mike Howard (not me) for countersignature, return the signed form to the Pass Office who will notify you when your new pass is ready for collection. Remember that you MUST have a valid Station Pass to enter the airfield and it is your responsibility to make sure your Station Pass is kept current.

Please ensure that your Next of Kin is up to date so that it will be possible for the appropriate person to be notified in the event of an accident. Airfield Operations will hold NoK data as they will always be manned when Club flying is in progress and are likely to be the first to be informed of any incident involving Halton aircraft. To comply with the latest data protection regulations, we have added a consent note to the Renewal Application Form. All data will be held securely and access limited to essential personnel.

The Committee has asked me to remind members of the commitment they make to complete the IER training and carry out at least one IER duty. There are fewer slots than members, but Mike H struggles every year to fill the list. This is your Club and it is unfair to leave all the work that makes your flying possible to the “usual few”.

This letter is being sent by email to all current Full & Associate members for whom we have email addresses, reproduced on the website and posted in the Clubhouse Ops Room. If you have any problems getting the renewal form, please contact me by email.

Mike Russell
Membership Secretary




Address: The Operations Manager,
Halton Aero Club Ltd,
Bldg 287 Aviation Avenue,
RAF Halton. HP22 5PG

01296 622697 / 01296 656178


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